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Reading Notes: 3 ways of building mobile-optimized websites

Thanks to @mihaela_v, I got a chance to read a comprehensive article about comparison of 3 methods of building mobile-optimized websites. As I am very interested in building mobile-based websites or apps, I would like to take a brief notes about pros and cons of these methods for quick reference.

Method 1: Responsive web design

Same HTML, different page layout.

  • Pros: Same content; A single URL
  • Cons: Content won’t be fully optimized for mobile devices; Slow; Difficult navigation.
  • Examples: Starbucks, World Wildlife Fund, & The Boston Globe

Method 2: Dedicated Mobile Site

Different URLs: desktop website redirect to mobile website. Mobile-version website is basically a separate website from the desktop version.

  • Pros: Easier to make separate changes; Fast; Easy navigation
  • Cons: Multiple URLs; Different content and functionality; Content forking; Redirection required
  • Examples: Walmart, Amazon, & BBC.

Method 3: RESS (responsive web design + server side components)

Two sets of code (HTML and CSS) for different devices, loading depends on server-side programming.

  • Pros: Easy navigation; Less page bloat; Fast
  • Cons: More server resources; Device detection required (which is unreliable)
  • Examples: CNN, eHow, & Wikipedia