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Help Users to Reach “Inner Peace”

If you are a fan of Kung Fu Panda as me, you would certainly remember the magic power of “inner peace”, as the quote from Shifu: “Anything is possible with inner peace”. In my understanding, this “inner peace” is much like the word “flow” used in psychology, which means the mental state of intense immersion and organized focus. However, with emerging high-tech devices and over-loading information, we are losing control of our flow easily nowadays.

I would like to share with you a beautiful article written by Andrew Maier, who is a co-founder of UXBooth. In this post, Andrew commented on several efforts made by Apple to reduce noise and encourage users’ flow. This article itself is acting as a fabulous flow, from weaving personal stories to design. After reading it, I confirmed my thoughts about simple and clean design: reducing noise in design is not only an advance in tech development, but also shows care for human being’s life. I almost can see the picture that people were used to concentrate on reading centuries ago, getting lost in recent ten years with all kinds of distractions by high-tech products, and finally return to a quiet, calm working environment through good designs that try to reduce noise.