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Promoted Pins Come to Pinterest – How Bad is it?

Tonight, I received an email from Pinterest – beginning with a heart-touching story of how he used Pinterest to collect precious moments of his son, Pinterest CEO Ben then rolled out the idea of experimenting pin promotion on Pinterest as a profit channel to maintain the operation of the site.

We are not new to the idea of content promotion: Facebook and Twitter jumped into the realm earlier. While Pinterest guaranteed that the promotions won’t be disruptive because they will be transparent (you know which pins are promoted pins), relevant (the pins will be consistent with something you are interested in), and listening to your feedbacks (machine learning helps to improve the relevancy), we knew both Facebook and Twitter promotions do the same thing.

So, what do you feel about content promotions so far on Facebook and Twitter? Comparing to Facebook and Twitter, what kind of experience you are expecting for promoted pins on Pinterest?

For me, the more emphasis on content exhibition the site has, the less the effect of promoted content has. For example, the news feed on Facebook is really about the performance of the people. In this case, the sneak promotions are relatively incompatible with the main focus and interests of the users. While on Pinterest, the role of content publisher is really minimized and deemphasized in the visual level with heavy emphases on the contents themselves (see the screenshot below). As long as the smart machines promotes “tasty” pins, which I am pretty sure they are capable of, the user experience won’t be compromised much.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.47.27 AM

Sometimes we need to embrace this win-win situation, don’t we?