Social-Media-News Site Recommendation – The Next Web

TNW has a great section on Social Media, where you can find topics in newly rolled out (and probably in beta version) algorithms or features social media sites, emerging usage patterns, as well as pulses of big social media companies.

Also, enjoy their flat-designed website.



5 thoughts on “Social-Media-News Site Recommendation – The Next Web

  1. dougpruim

    Thank you for sharing. This looks like a very nice repository of social media news and information. The lead story for today is about hashtags not necessarily being helpful as a feature on Facebook. I don’t think the findings are necessarily conclusive or exhaustive, but it is interesting to think about why one feature may be a helpful tool in one medium, but not in another.

    1. Emma (Zhihua) Post author

      Thanks Dr. V! It should be “section” instead of “session”. I had difficulty distinguish these two words as I looked into their Chinese translation. However, after checking their definition in English, it is much clearer. I’ve corrected the word in the blog post.

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