Looking Forward to the Big Trend: Mobile First Responsive Web Design

Thanks to Dr. V.‘s recommendation, I was exposed to an interesting article talking about the process of designing a mobile responsive website written by Elaine Simpson. I appreciated a lot Elaine’s insights from practical design process and also the intense discussions below it. I then linked to a very fruitful post, which is more like a “review” article to introduce mobile-first design philosophy, responsive web design strategy, and related resources. I love this post a lot, because it opens my eye to the emerging trend of designing for different devices and platforms. If you are interested in designing web product in the future, you must take a look at it.



3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to the Big Trend: Mobile First Responsive Web Design

  1. Alex Vernacchia (@vernacchia)

    Hey Emma, glad you did a post about this. It’s actually a really big topic in the web development world right now. I think her article does a great job at detailing what you need to do, yet a lot of people think creating a mobile website is actually better than having your site transition when the size changes.

    I guess some browsers don’t support the new CSS, but all mobile browsers do. I wouldn’t agree with needing to create a mobile site first. It would depend on what the site is, for me.

    I wouldn’t want to be trying to make a doctors appointment on a phone, I would use a computer because it would be easier. Just what I think.

    1. Emma (Zhihua) Post author

      Hi Alex, good points:) I agree with you that it depends on what kind of website to build. I assume they are referring to those websites that will have to be built both on mobile and laptop. I am not so familiar with creating websites and I would love to have chance to learn it!!! By the way, when convenient, could you just suggest some courses or books that I could follow to learn how to create and design websites? I appreciate that a lot!


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