A Good Research Tool: ZOTERO

ZOTERO is a free and easy-to-use tool to collect, organize, cite, and share research sources. Combined with firefox, it is very convenient to use while we are searching for different resource.

I recommend it because it is a very well-designed software for users — easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to use. I will not jump in details about how you could use ZOTERO, because you could pick it up really quick. One key feature that might facilitate our classroom study is the “Group” function. It allows us to set up a group to share research sources among members of the group. For instance, we could build a folder named “RAA” below the root folder, to share the information and PDF files of RAA article we choose. For each article, people could also add notes below it, conveying personal opinions about the article. In this way, all members could have a clear achieve of all sources, and avoid wasting time to do duplicated work such as downloading. I found it very useful in my research to share articles within lab, or within project team members in the past, and hopefully ZOTERO could help with yours too.

Finally, below is how it looks like in my firefox:

Screenshot -- a website with hidden Zotero Fig.1 A screenshot of a website with a hidden ZOTERO.Screenshot -- a website with expanded Zotero

Fig. 2 A screenshot of a website with an expanded ZOTERO.


4 thoughts on “A Good Research Tool: ZOTERO

  1. Quincy Clark

    I too use Zotero. I store tons of references, share references and create bibliographies. My first publication was written without the support of Zotero of a like tool – big mistake. Citing my references turned into a huge fiasco. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lewilliams

    Zotero is pretty useful, although honestly, the icons confused me when I first used it. Not to mention I often ran into syncing problems…

    But yes, it is indeed a great tool for organizing references and I would say easy to learn overall.


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